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We are here to build a bridge between Scandinavia and Cambodia

Finland is in dire need of talented basic-level coders to help run our country’s development. Cambodia has lots of eager young people in need of education and work. Coding School Asia is here to form relationships between Finnish clients and upcoming Khmer talents. We provide the education and contacts – all you need is a burning desire to learn.

This project is operated by Delwig Digital, well known Finland-based digital agency operating around Europe.


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Jussi Sippola

Jussi Sippola

CEO, Associate

Jussi is an experienced entrepreneur, humanist and he has always been keen to deep-learn new cultures. He has extensive experience in operating in Asian markets.

Jussi is the founder of prestigious law office Premilex and is well familiar with international legal matters.

Niklas Kiilava

Niklas Kiilava

COO, Associate

Niklas is an excellent coder as well as a caring and patient teacher, having gained experiences from dozens of demanding clients around Scandinavia. He will be responsible for the technical teaching and oversee the learning process.

Niklas is the founder of Delwig Digital amongst other companies. He has an extensive background in studying and working in a variety of cultures. He has lived, studied and worked around the world; f.e. Hong Kong and the Netherlands.

What our associates say about

CodingSchool is awesome to work with. Incredibly talented, easy to communicate with, responsive with next iterations, and beautiful work. Highly recommended!

Martin Sheveninge
Martin SheveningeOIKKARIMillermedia

We are very pleased with our new brand identity and the way CodingSchool conducts their business. It has been a great experience working with them and it’s already certain that we will hire them again.

Pentti Köyri
Pentti KöyriOMISTAJASandrew Inc.

What can we offer? What can we teach? Who are we exactly?

High Quality Teaching

Our experienced coders will make learning fun and easy – even for those, with no previous knowledge whatsoever. The only requirement is basic-level of written and spoken English.

Future Jobs

By completing our training, we aim to connect Scandinavian clients and Khmer talents, and thus provide Cambodians with solid jobs in high paying work fields.


We will provide students with latest hardware and software to speed up the learning process.

Frequently Asked Questions

You must still have so many questions. Learn more from here or contact us directly via email.


Equipment, education and future contacts will be provided to you without any cost for your community. The only thing we expect is a burning lust for learning and self-development.


We are a well-funded organization with the aim to improve the great Kingdom of Cambodia. We have and will receive funding from several sources and our role is to channel that money to improve the education and job market in Phnom Penh.


Yes, most likely. As was said, only entry requirement is basic knowledge of English and to be eager to learn. We promote ultimate equality and NO DISCRIMINATION is allowed. We are here to help and lift people – not to diminish and judge them.


Yes. Operators behind are well-known entrepreneurs and philanthropists from Scandinavia. We are also always available for contact via phone or email, and we will, of course, visit you frequently during the learning process. And hopefully, you will one day visit Finland and work with the best professionals in the world.

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